Be a Captain


Great News! Captain’s registration to create a team is now online through Tennislink!

Here’s how to register:
Step One:
Login to your USTA Tennislink account

Step Two:
Click the link “Register for a Team”

Step Three:
Underneath “Register for a team” there is a “click here” link to create a new team (See picture below)

Step Four:
Select Section—USTA Southern; Select District— South Carolina; Select Area— SC-AIKEN-AATL

Step Five:

Select the league you are registering for and create a team name!

When asked for a facility, you must click on the button “Find facility” and search for your home courts!
Using this process will save time and give you more control over your team number and player signup!

You must pay $6 to create a team, however, the AATL will arrange for captain “perks” this year to offset the cost incurred for captains to create a team!

Thank you for being a captain!

 Register for a Team